Security Doors Airport West

How to Install Security Doors Airport West Products?

To satisfy the increased demand for homes in the market, home builders are now selling new homes or apartments with less space inside. When you plan to mountsecurity doors Airport Westproducts, you must consider the whole construction process so that the rails, hinges, and channels are correctly mounted and the door is long-lasting and robust.

Should you hire professionals?

If you are unable to mount the door yourself, you should hire a home decor specialist near Melbourne to do so. If you want to enjoy both fresh air and convenience, installing budget security screen doors is an excellent alternative.

Since they come in a range of styles, weights, forms, and shades, these doors bring more sophistication to the home's décor. You should also search for extra assistance and protection in them.

Now comes the question, “how do you install these affordable stainless steel security windows or doors. Well, continue reading below to learn more.

Mounting the security doors

The door is mounted and leveled first so that it is balanced over the current door. You may be able to mount the security door over the existing exterior trim, or you may need to uninstall it and install the door directly against the siding, depending on the type of existing exterior trim your house has.

The most important thing is that the frame is smooth and solidly in contact with the house, which some forms of trim can avoid. The interior door casing must also be replaced.

Since the mounting bolts are pre drilled in the frame, the next step is to move the hole positions to the house wall, then put the door aside.

  • Drill all the way through the wall to the interior of the house with the required drill bit diameter, normally 3/8 inch.
  • It's important that the holes go straight and level into the wall, and a helpful trick is to make the assistant carry a level or a framing square on the outside wall as a reference for holding the bit straight when drilling.
  • The frame is fastened to the wall with bolts that reach all the way around that are sealed on the inside with a nut and washer.
  • The door could be mounted with lag bolts that loop through the wall framing from one side, but without the nut on the inside, anyone with a wrench and sometimes could easily cut the lag bolts and remove the whole door.

Mind the aesthetics

Depending on what you want to do with the nuts on the inside wall, the final move is one of interior aesthetics. The best option is to use a trim wide enough to cover the nuts and hollow out a spot on the back at the nut's position. You will need to build up two parts to reach the appropriate thickness. For more information onsecurity doors Airport West, consider visiting

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