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Top Things You Must Know About Security DoorsKeilor

A stainless steel security door could be the ideal option if you want more protection for your doors than deadbolts and other locks can provide. Before you go ahead and purchasesecurity doors Keilorproducts, make sure that you know a thing or two about such doors.

Some technicalities

Similar to attaching a regular screen door or storm door to the external side of any standard exterior door, security doors are attached to the door frame on the exterior side of any standard exterior door. They have an all-welded steel structure and cross-bracing, as well as an open steel mesh that allows for airflow while being infinitely thicker than a typical screen door's aluminum or fiberglass mesh.

Welded steel plates allow a deadbolt lock to be added, rendering the door nearly impervious to kicking, prying, lock-picking, and unlawful entry. They're perfect for holiday homes and other properties that could be abandoned for long periods of time.

Don't imagine your home feeling like the entrance to a bank vault. With a low-profile frame and wrought-iron-style embellishments that look like most high-end screen and storm doors, the doors are shockingly appealing. They usually come in either gloss white or black colours.

Installing the door

The door you pick should be the same size as the door you're removing, which is normally 3 feet wide and 6 feet 8 inches high. There are left- and right-hand swings open, and the security door must swing in the same direction as the current door.

If the actual door is a right-hand swing, with the hinges on the right as you unlock and swing the door away from you to reach the building, the security door should be a left-hand swing. The security door, like a screen door, opens outwards, away from the house rather than inwards. For easy entry, the security door and the current doorknobs are on the same side.

Top Melbourne-based security doors manufacturers deliver the best-quality products you can possibly think of. Make sure you consult an expert before buying one.

Get your doors ordered today

The door is delivered fully assembled, with its own frame and hinges, and is ready to be installed. A level, socket wrench kit, drill, and drill bits that are long enough to go all the way through the wall are all that is needed. Since these doors are thick and uncomfortable, you'll require assistance, and this is certainly a two-person task.

Few hardware stores and home centers, as well as dealers and wholesalers that specialize insecurity doors Keilor, provide security doors on a special order basis. You might want to check out for a wide range of home security products.

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